• Drying of Raw Cashew
Raw cashews has to be dried in sun to make it moisture free and help in stocking it for a long period of time. Which will help in processing for year long


The roasting of Raw Cashew nut is done by steam roasting process. A specially designed steam boiler is employed for this purpose. The raw cashew nuts are fed into this boiler and kept under atmosphere of steam for 30 minutes. The Steam Roasted nuts are then spread in to the floor for cooling. The main purpose of roasting is to avoid breakage of kernels during the cutting process.

The roasted cashew nuts are fed into the hand operated cutting machines to separate kernels from the shells. The cutting machines are operated by small blades and springs. The entire process is manual and is usually handled by ladies. Each women can work around 80 kgs. of Raw Cashew nuts per day. Cutting is also done by semi automatic machine.

Cashew Kernels from cutting process are kept in the Hot Chamber for around 8 to 10 hours. The Cashew Kernels usually contains 8 to 10% moisture which requires to be dried for removal of testa. The hot air is made to pass through the Hallow walls of the bricks.
The kernels which are spread in the sizers will be driedin around 8 to 10 hours. Usually the temperature of the Chamber is kept at 80 to 90 degree centigrade. At present steam heat exchanger or electrical organ air heat exchanger is also adopted.

The outer red testa, which is attached to the Kernels will be peeled off with new technology machine as “Cashew Peeling Machine” and then cashew is issued to workers for unpeeled kernels with a small knife & this process is manual.

The peeled cashew kernels are graded according to its size, colour and its maturity. The Govt.of India Act prescribes 33 different grades of cashew kernels. There are around 26 grades of cashew kernels and a specification of each grade is laid down by the Cashew Export Promotion Council.